Ranee Khasnis at 46, lost 26 kg**.

Mrs. Ranee Khasnis lost 28 kilos in 28 weeks. Now she can wear any of her favorite trousers, which she couldn’t wear before since she was overweight. Her energy levels have gone up appreciably by following the Fat loss program of Healthy Happenings. She credits Healthy Happenings for her young & dynamic looks & all the praises that have been showered on her by her friends and family

Sujata Jadhav

My fat loss journey with Healthy Happenings was amazing. I look 10 years younger now, Learned the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Wellness Education program is a nice concept, learned a lot about food and how we can live healthy without sacrificing on our favorite dishes in Wellness education program

Jitesh Patel

Being a businessman it was very difficult for me to follow a diet program other dietitians gave me. Thanks to Healthy Happenings Scientific approach and easy to follow an exercise regime, I easily lost amazing 30 kg in just 6 months.

Mayuri Karande

Gained total of 13 kg in just 3 months

I am really thank full to Healthy Happenings team for making this dream come true for me. I had to buy clothes from kids section lots of time before weight gain. Now am really happy to wear all types of dresses, I want

I thank Healthy Happenings team for all health I gained and learned about Balanced nutrition

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