Let’s Hold Hands, Let’s Prosper Together!

Just take a look around and you will observe that many of your own family members or relatives, friends, neighbors… almost every other person is looking for a solution to improve either his / her Health, Wealth or Both! Even many of the educated class are either unemployed, underemployed or do not enjoy their work or do not get the psychological / financial appreciation at their jobs.

Healthy Happenings is open for mutually beneficial alliances and here is your chance to partner with our brand in a growing market space to achieve exponential growth.

Anybody & Everybody is Eligible to Enroll, With No Age or Education Bar

All you need to have is the willingness to learn and readiness to change… for better of course!

Let’s Not Just Help Ourselves, Let’s Help Our Nation too!

It makes us proud while India is changing fast and improving on many fronts. But on the other hand there are some things that we need to be alarmed about as well.

Number of underweight / malnourished children & adults is increasing. Child obesity is also a major concern. India is becoming a diabetic capital pretty fast and could soon become the heart disease capital of the world as well.

So, there are plenty of people out there who need proper guidance to achieve and maintain healthy & active lifestyle. And you and us together could be the ones who will help them.

And How do We Do It?

Healthy Happenings will help you achieve both health and wealth together with an opportunity to help others. We will provide you exclusive training to become a well-trained Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach is someone who helps to…

  • Manage body weight through fat loss / muscle gain or weight gain as required by each person
  • Device the right combination of exercise and diet as per individual needs
  • Enhance personality through various image enhancement modules & techniques

Healthy Happenings Stands League Apart by Offering 

  • Very Low Startup Cost
  • Three Elaborate Training Sessions
  • Wellness Education Program of 13 weeks
  • Entrepreneur University Program of 13 weeks
  • Fat Burning Workouts of 90 Types

Who All Can Enroll?

Everyone who has the willingness to learn and readiness to change for better can enroll to become a Wellness Coach, irrespective of his or her background with regards to gender, age, education or past experience.

  • People in job or business who are looking for better opportunities or a change
  • Housewife’s who have obvious limitations on working full time and have very less possibilities of getting part time jobs with good financial remuneration
  • Students who have to pay for their own education and find it difficult to make two ends meet
  • Parents who are under financial stress due to children’s education etc…,
  • Senior citizens or retired individuals who want to make productive use of their spare time or who do not want dependence on their children or family

Make A Difference As A Wellness Coach

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