One Of The Reasons For Overweight And Underweight In Women – Thyroid

A friend got a phone call last week. When chatting, she asked if you were on Facebook. Everyone understands how the rest of their classmates are doing because of Facebook, you don’t see it at all. I was a little hesitant to ask this question before. Because many do not like social media for many reasons, such as security, alertness and wasting time, there are many who are away from social media. The question asked was true but did not know what the answer would be. But the answer came as a surprise.

Human beings are social animals, they like to chat with others, love to talk about what’s going on in their lives, and especially want to be praised themselves. It is a very normal and natural thing in human nature. This is what social media is all about. But when she said that should look good in a photo to post her own photos, shouldn’t you!

“I mean? I said”. You are beautiful. Then you will see how not nice in the photo?

She said, “I was nice, beautiful! I am not! Now! My weight has grown so much that I do not want to send photos of myself on social media, but on WhatsApp,” she replied.

I remember, my friend was very smart, still is. After completing her education, she got a job in a good company. Married as soon as possible. Her husband is also a professional and it all starts out fun. She has two children. The job is still going on.

I chatted with her more and tried to understand her lifestyle. She faces a lot of stress in her job and at home. All women, however, have more stress than men, whether they do job or not. And the result is that women face problems like thyroid. The thyroid is not supposed to be an illness. But this causes many physical illnesses for the patient. Hormonal changes in a woman’s body are more frequent than in men.  Also, due to iodine deficiency, the disease is more common in women than in men.

There are two main types of the disease. The first hypothyroid and the second hyperthyroid. The symptoms of both are as follows.

Symptoms Of Hypothyroid

Weakness and fatigue, excessive weight gain, no cold tolerance, dry or even soft delicate hair, forgetfulness, irritability, tension, increased cholesterol in the heart, constipation and so on.

Symptoms Of Hyperthyroid

Weight loss, no endurance, constant stomach upset, palpitations, panic, agitation, sleep apnea, fatigue, etc.

The symptoms of this type of thyroid can be indicated only after the blood test, but the above symptoms can also be done by the actual patient or nearby person at the earliest guess.

The glands in the front of your throat are called thyroid. This releases a type of hormone called thyroid hormone that regulates the activity of your body’s organs.

The solution is to reduce the amount of caffeine and sugar in addition. Increase the amount of protein in the food. Proteins in the body push thyroid hormones to the tissues.

In the name of weight loss, many patients give up fat, thereby impairing body balance. At this time it is important to take fat that meets the body’s needs. Be careful that these are fat healthy.

Many symptoms of thyroid can be alleviated by nutrient intake. Iron deficiency is particularly common in women with this disease. At this time, they should consume iron as well as other nutrients. Make sure you have a balanced diet to stay healthy.

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