Knowledge is Power; Know Your Body

Just having information never works; that information needs to be transformed into knowledge and then into wisdom though personal experience. First step is having the quintessential information of how our body works, what exactly happens when we eat or workout, why do we gain or lose muscles or fat. We deliver, guide, motivate, inspire and empower them with the right knowledge of balanced nutrition & exercising the right way, in such a way that it becomes an integral part of our clients’ lives; it becomes their way of life. Thus making meaningful and lasting positive changes to their lives in the realms of health, fitness, efficiency & productivity. And it is not just our profession to do so but it is our deepest passion that drives us.

Everyone wants to be Healthy & Happy… the Question is… How?

You must have tried all those so called fast & effective ways to lose weight that you learned from your friends, family, magazines, internet and what not! Oh! All those initial happy days of losing weight and then all those frustrations of going back to square one… or should we say back to round one!

If all that is taking a toll on your body & mind, you are reading what you should. Let Healthy Happenings help you un-complicate your life.

Thanks to our systematic and scientific approach, we make sure that as you lose excess fat and extra inches, you also gain muscles, tone them up and increase your strength not just for better looks but also for improved efficiency and fitness.

Holistic Approach; Personalized Program

What you see is not always the reality! No problem can be sorted unless you ‘know’ its ‘real’ structure. That’s why Healthy Happenings takes a holistic approach that considers all the possibilities, collects the relevant data and make a careful assessment of that information. Only after this we come up with a personalized program that is meant to give maximum results.

There are certain things though, needed by most individuals which include personalized meal plan, balanced nutrition, consuming food with low glycemic index (GI), moderate lifestyle changes, mild exercise in a fun way and proper education. Education part is important since it makes sure that the corrected health & fitness stays on the right path even after the program.

Our Weight Maintenance Program (for both Weight Loss and Weight Gain) allows you to shed that flab without any discomfort or side effects and gain muscle mass. Thanks to our systematic and scientific approach, we make sure that as you lose excess fat and extra inches, you also gain muscles, tone them up and increase your strength not just for better looks but also for improved efficiency and fitness.

with Healthy Happenings today and be lean, fit, healthy and happy!

Weight Management Programs with Healthy Happenings

We understand that feeling going back to the same old body even after being successful to a considerable extent in losing weight. If that is taking a toll on you physically, mentally and socially, allow Healthy Happenings to help you get back to fitness, health & happiness only to never let go of it again!

Expensive cosmetic procedures and super-fast diets lure you into the trap and even superficially show some results but one never comes to know the serious side effects unless faced them the hard way. Even if that works for somebody, they may not work for you for a simple reason that they are not ‘made for you’… customized to suit your body!  Besides such procedures do not take psychological aspects like ‘emotional eating’, into account, which is one of the most infamous causes of obesity and naturally such extreme measures fail miserably in one’s face.

Post Program Diet Consultation helps maintain corrected weight and body shape by recommending totally doable & flexible diet plans that keep providing required nourishment to your body.

and stay in shape with Healthy Happenings

Is Weight Really ‘The’ Problem? Let’s Find Out!

We see many muscular giants with the appearance of Hulk in the movies. Do you think they weigh lesser than you? Oh! You certainly know they in fact weight much more than you. But then are they obese? Definitely not! So, what’s with the weight then? Is weight really the problem? The answer is obviously negative.

The Real Problem is Fat v/s Muscle Ratio

We all need fat for normal, healthy living. The problem starts when this fat is more than what is required by the body. In other words that fat in the body is more in proportion than the muscle, bones and other non-fatty tissues. Body Composition Analysis tells you these percentages and helps determine the level of your health/fitness. Higher fat deposition increases the possibility of adverse consequences and untoward incidences. The need of an hour is to act when there is still time at disposal to correct the fat v/s muscle ratio.

and know your body composition analysis by our expert wellness coaches.

So, How to Maintain Fat v/s Muscle Ratio?

You need not eat less but, Need to eat right food,

 At the right time, And in the right quantity. 

That’s Balanced Nutrition!

It’s Not About Numbers, It’s All About Balance!

How many gram of certain food you consume or how many kg do you weight or how many inches have you lost… all this doesn’t matter if the right balance is not struck. The calories you consume and the calories you use need to be balanced well.

100 calories of candy/sweets and 100 calories of an apple will work very differently inside your body. Striking balance between Macro &Micro Nutrients as well as Fiber & Phytonutrients is very important. All the nutritional necessities and calorific value must be met but must not go overboard as well. You may be avoiding unhealthy food and exercising too yet not getting desired results, although the reasons could be many, most likely it’s lack of nutrition!

in our Life Changing Wellness Education Programm and learn to srtike the right balance

Only Right Information Can Make Right Things Happen

Now you know that it’s not eating less but eating right at the right time and in the right quantity but how do you achieve that in reality? Right changes happen only with the right information and one needs the right mentor to gather the right knowledge. That’s why we have an education program for you.

Life-Changing Wellness Education Program

What will you get to learn in this specially designed 12 week

Life-Changer Wellness Education Program ?

  • Week 1    Induction, Body Fat Analysis & Counselling
  • Week 2    Fat Burning Workout & Role of Proteins
  • Week 3    Planning Your Meals & Role of Water
  • Week 4    Metabolism: The Key to Wellness
  • Week 5    Carbohydrates, Cellular Nutrition & Cooking Techniques
  • Week 6    Fat, Consumption Control & Food Nutrition
  • Week 7    Digestion
  • Week 8    Dining Out: Enjoy it the Right Way
  • Week 9    Fiber and Sugar
  • Week 10  Exercising The Right Way
  • Week 11  Healthy Heart
  • Week 12  Body Maintenance & Long Term

Exercises Are Dull & Boring!

Yes, many people come to us saying so.

That’s why we don’t ask you to do it anymore at least not in a traditional way!

Burn you calories having fun all the way.

We have put together the energy of Bollywood dance, Zumba, Hip-Hop workouts, HIIT, Cardio and fat burning workouts and made a highly charged yet structured way to exercise. We make sure you leave the class, to face rest of the world, feeling fresh, energized & rejuvenated!

with Healthy Happenings today and enjoy burning calories in a really intresting and exciting way!

Healthy Happenings Membership

Healthy Happenings offers exclusive membership to its participants, which allow them to avail all services including Weight Loss (fat loss & muscle Gain) & Weight Gain Programs, Weight Maintenance Programs, Fitness & Workout Routines, Body Fat Analysis, Wellness Education Program & Wellness Coach Training as a part of the membership benefits.

Available Membership Tenures are: 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, Annual

with Healthy Happenings today and be lean, fit, healthy and happy!

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