Your Health & Fitness Journey is as simple as 1…2…3!

Step 1: Body Composition Analysis

Two people of same age, gender and body weight may appear to be of completely different ages. The reason? It’s the difference in their body compositions. Every individual is unique and thus needs a plan that is unique as well!

As a part of the body composition analysis, our team of wellness coaches carries out a complete assessment of your body based on collecting different kinds of data like percentages of fat (visceral, trunk & other), skeletal muscle, BMI, BMR & biological age. We also take deeper insight about your general lifestyle, working hours, sleep pattern etc. Upon studying the collected data and making its complete assessment, a totally customized program is designed that works exclusively for your body.

Step 2: Course of Action

Our wellness coaches record your diet history and your food preferences. Keeping in mind, the results of your body composition analysis and your calorific requirements, an exclusive program is designed that is customized for your body. The program has a meal plan with balanced nutrition yet not sacrificing on your favorite food and an exercise regime that suits your body.

 Step 3: Review & Modifications

Each body responds to the changed lifestyle differently and thus to achieve best results of the plan designed for you, it is essential to frequently review the results and modify both meal & exercise plans from time to time. So we encourage our clients to maintain a diet diary, which we review regularly. The necessary modifications are then made to these plans. We are aware that you will keep coming up with new questions as we go on with the plan and our coaches will be more than happy to answer all your queries systematically and scientifically.

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