15 Lifestyle Reasons why you Gained Weight ?

You eat all healthy foods, remain loyal to your training camp class and drink lots of water, however, there is the surprising weight gain for no good reason, or is there one?

While your activity and eat-right plans are still significant for you to get that flat tummy, there are various things that can make your waistline grow— a lot of which are absolutely out of your control. To enable you to kick that weight gain, we have discovered some of the top flat belly saboteurs.

While losing your stomach cushions is the gaol, portion size is similarly as significant as practicing good eating habits. The reason: Most of the nutritious foods—like avocados, oats, quinoa, dark chocolate, nuts—can prompt weight gain if eaten in excess

1.You’re Dehydrated

Drinking two cups of water before every meal could accelerate the weight loss program. So it should not shock anyone that not drinking enough water can have an adverse and contrary impact on your weight gain. “In addition to all magical benefits of drinking enough water, it helps us feel full. Furthermore, when you’re dehydrated, the body will start accumulating water, which can result in water retention

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2. You’re Depressed

… And you’re taking medicine to treat it. “Almost 25 percent of individuals taking certain antidepressants report gaining ten kilos or more”.

Few medicines may cause cravings for carbohydrates & starches, and some may increase appetite.

3.Sleep late

You eat right and exercise in any case, tragically, almost the majority of your endeavors are refuted in case you’re staying up throughout the night. Lack of sleep can prompt level of hunger hormone ghrelin, and diminished level of leptin, the satiety hormone”.

“Research also suggests that when we’re restless, our brain reacts more firmly to low quality & junk food and has less of a capacity to practice portion control.”

4.You Rely On Your Workout

From building muscle mass to cardiovascular well being, there are a lot of motivations to hit the gym. All things considered, exercise alone is probably not going to fix your frozen yogurt, ice cream, alcohol and burger habit.

In addition, the type of workout you do may likewise be making it more difficult to keep the pounds off. “Relentless cardio, (running at a similar pace for three or four miles) over workout, can increase appetite. The role of workout in your weight loss program is just 20%, 80% is Nutrition. But generally, people focus on 80 % workout and 20% on nutrition.

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5.You don’t eat enough protein

Having enough protein is important for 2 reasons: Since it metabolizes more gradually than carbohydrates, it makes us feel full for a longer time. It also maintains muscle mass.

If you don’t eat enough protein to keep your muscles and cells healthy you will likely experience muscle loss. Less muscle mass means slower metabolism which over a period of time can also cause weight gain.

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6.You rely too much on medicine

From beta-blockers to contraceptive pills, and everything in the middle of, there’s a long, considerable rundown of meds that can make your waistline swell.

Few drugs may increase appetite or slow down metabolism while others may cause water retention or enough fatigue to decrease physical activity, which can trigger weight gain.”

7.You Forgot to Eat

When we’re home from a hectic day of work, we simply want to hit the bed. When you eat fewer calories, it can make your body go into survival mode and furthermore slows metabolism.

Many people, unfortunately, believe, eating less is the best solution. Not only will this cause various nutritional deficiencies (as the body is getting less food), but it can really have adverse effects on weight loss program


8. You can’t maintain a strategic distance from tea

Tea comprises high-fat milk and sugar and these two things will unquestionably make you fat.

While some chai with a teaspoon of sugar is fine two times each day, having cups n cups of chai would add unreasonable sugar to your diet.

9. Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is your first and most significant meal of the day.

Skipping breakfast may diminish your genuinely needed energy levels further, causing muscle loss and fat gain and make you more hungry and overeat at lunch

10.Having a very heavy meal at one time.

Eating a very heavy meal tends to increase in glucose in the blood thereby disturbing the normal sugar cycle of the body and making you fat and activating Ghrelin(hunger harmone) thus making you eat more next time

11.Having a considerably heavier dinner at 11 o’clock in the night

Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day.

Normal dinner should consist of one roti, bowl of sabzi and dal. But what actually matters is the time at which you are having your dinner. Cut off dinner time should be no later than 8 pm. Eating late or after sunset makes your body fight tug of war between digestion and sleep making you feeling unfresh next morning.

Truth be told, the sooner you eat, the better would be your weight reduction. 

12.Skipping dinner altogether

And then there are some who skip dinner believing that it is making them put on weight.

This is another habit that does more damage than anything else to your weight reduction plans.

13.Munching on namkeens (snacks) amid the day

We Indians love to have snacks number of times a day and diet-conscious stick to handcrafted snacks imagining that they are healthy.

That isn’t valid; even homemade namkeens contain a great deal of salt. An excess of salt influences your body to hold water and prompts weight gain

14. Relying on only fruit as add on snack

Snacking is truly necessary to keep up your energy levels however having protein-based snacks is more important. Fruits such as apples, watermelons, papaya, and bananas can make a complete meal for you.

Furthermore, don’t juice it. Have a fruit in its most characteristic structure as it gives your body the much-needed fiber.

I’m not saying don’t eat fruit. Think of fruit as a dessert, not celery sticks.

I agree that fruit could be healthier to several desserts and junk foods, however, if fruit could be a staple item at each meal and snack, you’ll merely be eating too many carbohydrates to permit your body to slim down.

15. Consuming lots of processed foods

Always remember that anything that comes from a packet is processed food and has a few of the other types of additive/ preservative, regardless of how it is advertised.

Weight loss can be a trying journey for many, but you can achieve your goal if you follow a plan and stick to it for a month if not more to see if it works for you or not.

Finally, don’t treat weight reduction as a fight, accept it as something that would make you fitter and more healthier.

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